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Clean - Honest - Accountable
  • - Monitor all calls, SMS, web history, app usage and locations
  • - Patent-pending mobile web filtering that blocks pornography
  • - Application control with password protection and time limit
  • - All data and settings are available on Funamo website 24/7

How it works

Funamo Accountability Software with web filtering for Android is based on the same core technologies and features of Funamo Parental Control but customized for adults. It is designed to help you build accountability and maintain integrity when you are on mobile devices. Unlike other accountability software such as Covenant Eyes, X3Watch Accountability and Ever Accountable, Funamo Accountability provides the most comprehensive device monitoring, web filtering and application control.

Funamo is a cloud-based solution and there is no need to send email reports anymore. All the data and settings are available on Funamo website 24/7, and you can access them from any web browser. You can share your account password with your accountability partner. Or if you don't want yourself to access the data and settings, you can have your accountability partner setup Funamo account for you or change the password for you. (FAQ on how to change password)

The setup process for Funamo Accountability is basically the same as Funamo Parental Control. Please refer to Funamo Parental Control page for detailed instructions and video tutorials. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Internet filtering:

  • Funamo's patent pending content filtering technology blocks pornographic web sites.
  • Please see instructions for Easy-Setup mode with Funamo Safe Browser and Advanced mode with system proxy settings.
  • Allow additional control by specifying web site blacklist and whitelist. For example, it can be used to block out social network sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter.
  • Support whitelist-only mode which limits the web access to a pre-defined list of web sites.
  • Force SafeSearch for all leading search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Allow keyword/phrase filtering. Users can specify keywords or phrases, and web pages containing any of the keywords/phrases will be blocked by Funamo.
  • Guide users to setup content filtering and in-app purchase protection for YouTube and Google Play Store.
  • Settings can be viewed, modified and pushed to the device remotely from any browser.

Device monitoring:

  • Log the history of all calls, SMS messages, web site visits and applications launched.
  • Log device location history to keep track where the user has been.
  • Support the option to synchronize contacts stored on the device to Funamo server.
  • All history data are uploaded to the server each night or can be manually synced either from the device or from the web at any time.
  • Allow individual switches to turn on/off the history logging for calls, SMS messages, web visits, applications and locations.

Application control:

  • Protected applications are always protected by a password. This is to safeguard applications so the user can't access. Settings and Google Play Store are protected by default. See FAQ for instructions on how to enable them and the risks involved.
  • Support the option to automatically block all browsers except for Funamo Safe Browser.
  • Set time limit for applications such as games, media player, YouTube. Applications will only be available during selected time slots or require a password to unlock the applications.
  • Set daily time allowances for selected applications. Allow different time allowance for weekdays and weekends.
  • The Application quarantine feature automatically puts any newly downloaded apps in the protected app list.

Silent-time setup:

  • Automatically put the device in the silence mode in selected time slots to prevent interruptions from calls, messages and notifications.
  • It can be overridden if important calls or messages are expected by manually turning on the volume.