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Best Parental Control for Amazon Kindle Fire

  • Protect your kids from pornography with patent-pending web filtering technology
  • Monitor contacts, web history, application usage and of the device

  • Block applications with password and set time limit for games, internet, videos, etc.

  • Remotely set rules and monitor device activities from any browser

  • Support Amazon Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire Generation 2, and Kindle Fire HD/HDX


"(Funamo) gives you much more sophisticated parental controls and I think they'll appeal to a lot of people. This is a solid product with good customer service." - Featured on I Love My Kindle

"Users are encouraged to take control of literally every aspect of their kidÂ’s tablet experience. That sort of control is precisely what many parents are looking for." - Featured on Books4Fun

Rated 4.6 out of 5 on Google Play Store by parents just like you

Funamo Parental Control for Amazon Kindle Fire can be downloaded from the links below and please follow the instructions for setup and configuration. Please note that the downloads and instructions are for Kindle Fire Gen2/HD/HDX. If you have Kindle Fire Generation 1 device, please see instructions here.

Evaluation is free and the license only costs $19.99. No subscription, no monthly fees! You simply pay it once and it will protect your device for as long as you own it. For as little as the price of a book, now you can get peace of mind knowing that your kids are protected. Funamo License is on a per-device basis so please purchase separate license for each device.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Kindle Fire Generation 2 and HD/HDX

Download Funamo Parental Control for Kindle Fire Gen2/HD/HDX

(New! updated 05/18/2015)

Download Funamo Safe Browser for Kindle Fire Gen2/HD/HDX

(New! updated 12/07/2014)

Funamo Setup and Configuration Instructions

  1. Swipe down the notification bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Click "+ More"
  3. Click "Device"
  4. Check "Allow Installation of Applications" which is off by default
  5. Open web browser on Kindle Fire and surf to: and click "Kindle Fire" button to come to this page. Click the links above to download both Funamo Parental Control and Funamo Safe Browser. You will see that download starts on the notification bar.
  6. Now install "ES File Explorer" from Amazon app store. Then open ES File Explorer, click Download folder and then click the Funamo Parental Control file you just downloaded. Click "Install" to install it. Click Funamo Safe Browser file in ES File Explorer, and click "Install" to install it.
  7. Start Funamo Parental Control, sign up and follow the setup wizard to register your device with Funamo server (Note: Initial sync does take some time to upload information to the server particularly if you have many apps installed or many contacts stored on your device. If you have problem with it, please try to sync again and if necessary you can click "Start Over" button to re-register your device.)
  8. Configure the settings for Internet filtering, Protected apps, and Time-limited apps. Please check "Block other browsers" under Account settings to automatically block all other browsers except for Funamo Safe Browser.
  9. After you are done with configuring settings, click Start Funamo to enable Funamo parental protection.

Video tutorial for Amazon Kindle Fire Generation 2 and HD/HDX


Funamo Parental Control Features

Internet filtering:

  • Funamo's patent-pending web filtering technology blocks pornography web sites on your Kindle Fire devices.
  • Allow additional control by specifying web site blacklist and whitelist. For example, it can be used to block out social network sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter.
  • Support whitelist-only mode which limits the web access to a pre-defined list of web sites.
  • Force SafeSearch for all leading search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Allow keyword/phrase filtering. Users can specify keywords or phrases, and web pages containing any of the keywords/phrases will be blocked by Funamo.
  • Parents can view and change settings remotely from any browser (Note: push/sync from the web is not supported for Kindle Fire devices. All settings and history data are synced each night or you can do a manual sync from you Kindle Fire device.)

Device monitoring:

  • Log history of all web site visited and application launched.
  • Location tracking is not supported for Kindle Fire devices since they do not have GPS function.
  • All history data are uploaded to the server each night or can be manually synced from the device.
  • Support the option to synchronize contacts stored on the device to Funamo server.
  • Allow individual switches to turn on/off the history logging for web visits and applications.

Application control:

  • Protected applications are always protected by a password. This is to safeguard applications so the user can't access. Settings and Amazon Appstore are protected by default.
  • Support the option to automatically block all browsers except for Funamo Safe Browser.
  • Set time limit for applications such as games, media player, etc. Applications will only be available during selected time slots or require a password to unlock the applications.
  • Set daily time allowances for selected applications. Allow different time allowance for weekdays and weekends.
  • The Application quarantine feature automatically puts any newly downloaded apps in the protected app list.