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Get Peace of Mind with FUNAMO™!
FUNAMO provides the best parental control and accountability solution for Android mobile devices. It brings the family together by connecting kids, parents and the whole family.
Funamo now supports Android Lollipop 5.0     
What's new: 

why use funamo

More and more kids are using mobile devices these days. Used correctly, these devices could be powerful tools for communication, learning and fun. However mobile devices create new safety issues that every responsible parent has to seriously consider. Learn more about how Funamo helps parents gain insight and control of their kids' mobile devices.

how funamo works

Funamo is easy to setup and use. First, please install Funamo on your kid's device and follow the onscreen instructions. Once it is installed, you can configure the settings and start Funamo protection. You can also log into Funamo website to view device history and control parental settings remotely. Learn more about how to use Funamo with detailed instructions and videos.