Funamo Advanced Mode with manual proxy settings:

For Android 2.3 or earlier (how to find out Android version)

If you would like to use the default browser or third party browsers such as Chrome, Dolphin and Skyfire (Opera and Firefox Mobile browsers do not use the system proxy and you need to set up the proxy within the browser. See FAQ for more info), you can manually setup network proxies at the system level. Please note that you would need to set proxy for each network connection separately. The setup process for system proxies differs based on the device models, Android versions and carriers.

  1. Download and install Funamo Parental Control
  2. Start Funamo Parental Control, sign up and follow the setup wizard to register your device with Funamo server (Note: Initial sync does take some time to upload information to the server particularly if you have many apps installed or many contacts stored on your device. It is also slower if you are on a 3G mobile network than on a WiFi network. If you have problem with it, please try to sync again and if necessary you can click "Start Over" button to re-register your device.)
  3. Configure the settings for Internet filtering, Protected apps, Time-limited apps and school time setup.
  4. Set WiFi and mobile network proxy to Host: and Port: 8998 following instructions below.
  5. Click Start Funamo to enable Funamo parental protection. If you already enalbed Funamo before setting proxy, please disable it first by click Stop Funamo, then click Start Funamo to enable it again.


How to set network proxies for your devices:

Note: Not all devices support WiFi and mobile network proxy settings at the system level. If you device does not support system level proxies, please use Funamo Safe Browser with Easy-Setup mode.

WiFi Proxy Setup:

WiFi proxy setting procedure: (For Samsung models)
  1. Settings → Wireless and networks → Wi-Fi settings
  2. Menu → Advanced settings
  3. Click on "Proxy" and enter
  4. Click on "Port" and enter 8998
WiFi proxy setting procedure: (For Motorola models)
  1. Settings → Wireless and networks → Wi-Fi settings
  2. Long press the WiFi hotspot name, then select "Proxy settings"
  3. Check "Use proxy server"
  4. Enter for Proxy server
  5. Enter 8998 for Proxy port
  6. Click Save
WiFi proxy setting procedure: (For HTC models)
  1. Settings → Wireless and networks → Wi-Fi settings
  2. Menu → Advanced settings
  3. Click "Wi-Fi proxy"
  4. Check "Enable Wi-Fi proxy"
  5. Enter for Wi-Fi proxy server
  6. Enter 8998 for Wi-Fi proxy port
WiFi proxy setting procedure: (Custom ROMs)
  1. Most custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod support WiFi proxy. Please check Settings → Wireless and networks
WiFi proxy setting procedure: (Other models)
  1. Please check your device user manual to see if it supports WiFi proxy setting. If not, please use Easy-Setup mode with Funamo Safe Browser

Mobile Proxy Setup:

Mobile proxy setting procedure
(GSM phones, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc):
  1. Settings → Wireless and network → Mobile networks
  2. Click "Access Point Names"
  3. Click the APN you are using
  4. Click on "Proxy" and enter
  5. Click on "Port" and enter 8998
Mobile proxy setting procedure
(CDMA phones, Verizon, Sprint, etc):
  1. If you cannot find Access Point Name(APN) settings or it is greyed out, please use Funamo Proxy Settings app which can be downloaded free from Android Market
  2. Click Set mobile proxy, enter in Proxy hostname and 8998 in Proxy port. After click Set mobile proxy, if System setting page shows up instead of proxy set page, simply click back and click Set mobile proxy again.